WoA S6.13 A Mother’s Work

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Episode starts with Tara still on the run but she’s made her decision and everyone else has decided that they’ll do what they have to do. Jax gives an epically long soliloquy about how he’ll do anything for his SONS and he clarifies at one point that he’s talking about the fruit of his loins. August Marks has his deal with the Irish and thus no longer has to deal with the little people. This turns out to be very bad for the Purple Shirt Niners whose period of grace had ended. Nero finds himself being pulled in deeper by the Byzlats and Mayans. Jax is made to face a few home truths thanks to not the stepdaddy Nero and DA Patterson. Nero and Gemma are no longer facebook official which totally sucks for Tara because Gemma becomes all stabby and murdery over the whole damn thing. Well that and the fact that she thinks Tara has gone through with it and ratted on Jax and the club. She’s half right because Tara does take that final step until Jax shows up and they FINALLY sit down like to fucking grown ups and have a conversation that’s a about a season and a half overdue…but in Sutter World only a few weeks late. Tara to Jax: Since Opie died you’ve become one scary madamfucking asshole using snowglobes as deadly weapons and shooting up Abel’s not the mama with crank just to screw with her credibility. Jax to Tara: You came back to me. I told you to take your ass and the kids to Oregon way back at the end of season 4 and you said …I’m not going anywhere. I call bullshit. Tara to Jax: So what now? Jax to Tara: We’re gonna make Patterson an offer she can’t refuse and she doesn’t. Of course it’s a case of the too little too damn lates and Unser you have the worst fucking timing on the planet and your Gemma bullshit detector is broken. Jax shares a tear filled goodbye with all of his SONS as he hands over the gavel to Bobby since he’ll be in the slammer doing hard time so that Ophelia…er um so that Tara doesn’t have to go to jail or rat out the club. He goes for one last ride and then heads home to call out babe one last time. The season ends with Gemma seeking comfort from Unser. Juicy escaping the reaper for the time being and destroying evidence. Patterson and the boys in brown walking in on the bloody scene of a dead Roosevelt and a devastated Jax cradling the lifeless body of lady love.


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