WoA S6.10 Huang Wu

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Tara’s plans have been exposed and she’s losing it. Unser and Nero spend a great deal of time bonding. Juicy old lady sits Tara and she destroys that bike Brad can’t stand. Jax moves out and decides to play whorehouse with Madam MILF. SAMCRO plans the great escape for Clay with the Irish. Galen shows up and his more of a dick than usual…well except for that whole cutting Filthy Phil into pieces. Tara finds out about Jax’s wandering, Margaret needs some time away, and Wendy’s still not dead. If you want to send us a email send it to tracywoa@gmail.com For voicemail and text messages call 707-726-2709. Need more SoA in your life? Check out the following to help get your fix. The NatterCast Sons of Anarchy Predictions with Toph and AJ Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group page either and join in on the action Tuesday nights. Watchers of Anarchy FB Download