WoA S6.08 Los Fantasms

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Another week, another episode. Clay’s still AWOL. Nero makes a surprising confessing…that MILF vajayjay is a powerful thing apparently. He sacrifices himself for the good of Jax, Gemma, and his son Lucius. Thanks to DA Patterson, the Sons and BizLats hit the front page. Jax tells his crew and Nero’s that they’d best lay low until the heat from the school shooting is off and they manage to do that for all of 15 minutes. Tara and Wendy are feeling the guilt. Gemma’s pissed and doesn’t care who knows it. Juicy either still has a deathwish or just doesn’t care either way. Unser gets wise to the true lengths that Gemma Jr. has gone in her efforts to get her restraining order against Gemma. And Jax brutally cuts those apron strings, telling his mother that she’s basically dead to him…since she “cause” Tara to lose their nonexistent baby girl.

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