WoA S6.06 Salvage

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This week week’s Salvage heralded a number of unexpected returns. Among them the Incomparable Venus Van Damme, a far more humble Jax than we’ve seen in quite a while and a return to Brotherhood. No more Miss Nice DA Patterson. The wig is off and she’s about to go hood on Tara’s ass. The club house is destroyed…but all isn’t lost. Maybe like the club itself. They’re damaged but can bring it back maybe. We see Chibs and Jax do a walkthrough of what remains despite the blast and water damage. There’s JT’s bike and the Reaper Table which took a hell of a beating but may be salvageable. Something else remains in tact….the gavel. Jax calls a meeting and this time everyone is in on everything that is said in done in relation to the Irish and the club’s future in guns. Jax seems humbled by all that’s happened to is looking to Chibs and the others before he acts. Tara’s still intent on doing whatever she can to get her children away from the club’s violence. Nero’s being detained. Venus drops in for a visit. Bobby’s back and it seems that the feeling of brotherhood has returned with him. Oh and some dirty cops bite off a bit more than they can chew. The Irish Kings have a deal the club…one that sounds very much like what Jax wanted to begin with except Clay’s involvement. It’s the lightest ep we’ve seen in a while and nobody dies.


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