WoA S6.05 The Mad King

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Welp pour one out for the reaper table, and JT’s Bike and the stripper pole and Teller Morrow because they’re gone baby.

This week’s past episode was a huge one for the series. During a 90 minute ep, DA Patterson decided that Tara was her key for bringing down SAMCRO and she entreated Eli Roosevelt to do his part. The SAMCRO compound went into lockdown. Gemma and Clay met up at Stockton for some old fashioned conjugation. Wendy was weak and started to back out on Tara plan after Gemma dangled some old baby pictures of Abel but the ex-junkie quickly found resolve again when Tara upped the ante and put possible visits with Abel on the table. Unser chose a side. Chibs tried to knock some overdue sense into Jackie boy and the clubhouse went boom.

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