WoA S6.04 Wolfsangel

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Better title would have been “The Blindside” because throughout this 90 minute extended ride, characters and the audience alike are blindsided quite a few times. First Unser is attacked on TM property. Jax gets a very unexpected early morning visit from the last person he expects to still see breathing. Nero gets yanked in under Toric’s fishy ass set up. Jax insists that Galen lay hands off of his club and I think there was something lost in translation because dude that was so not what he meant. *aside* Rest in Peace Filthy Phil and VLin. Had a bowl of Captain Crunch just for you guys. Finally the death most of us were expecting and wanted came along with the one we’ve been wanting but didn’t think to see only four episodes into the season. 90 minutes of WTF just happened or Wolfsangel.


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