WoA S4.13 To Be (Part 1)

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Well, this week’s episode was “To Be: Act One” the first installment of the season four finale. It picked up right where we left off the week before. Chewbacca taking down Darth Clay with two shots. Only before he could truly finish the job Han Teller shot the big guy right in his paw.

Bobby & Juicy were nowhere to be found and there was a rat in the Empire.
Tiggy felt guilty for blowing off Darth Clay’s call to arms and ended up possibly starting up whole new set of troubles for SAMCRO and shooting right into my top three picks for the death pool.
Princess Tara was crazy and wonderful demanding declarations of love. Darth Gemma was fierce and as conniving as ever. Convincing as she rained down a bucket of half truths on our tenderhearted Han Teller. The student outdid the teacher though as Tara revealed a contingency that provided one of the best moments of the entire series. Game ON!

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