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The Sons of Anarchy are forced to make a decision that could challenge the future of the club. Danny Trejo makes an appearance  as a baddass and the table gets the ax.

Brad and Tracy are in Pittsburgh this weekend so Lorrie jumped in to record the show with Courtney. Thanks girls! Next week we will be back to having the live recordings.

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  • Biker Kev

    With Special Guest starring on the show such as Danny Trejo, Tom Arnold, Henry Rollins, The Crew from The Shield among other top names you would think that it would be a nod towards an emmy nomination..heres my theory. If the emmy committee nominated SOA for best drama or best actor nods to Charlie or Katey they may be acknowledging that the biker underworld is something to boast about. When we have tv shows such as The Sopranos glorifying mafioso lifestyles or shows with subject matter like the upcoming Playboy club series. They need to realize that there are so many fans of this show out here and need to give respect to a writher and producer such as Kurt Sutter, If they awarded The Shield..a show about corrupt cops then they should give SOA a pat on the back also.