WoA S4.01 Out

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Join Brad, Tracy and Courtney in this episode as they go over the season opener of Sons of Anarchy.

If you want to send us an email send it to TracyWOA at gmail.com. For voicemail and text messages call 707-726-2709.

There will be no live recording next weekend since Brad and Tracy will be in Pittsburgh at Horror Realm. If you are in the area stop by and see them. There will still be a show released next weekend.

14 months after going to prison on federal weapons charges Jax, Clay and the other SAMCRO members are released and return to Charming where they encounter new enemies in the form of a no nonsense sheriff and an Assistant U.S. Attorney out to nail the club for their dealings with Russian gunrunner Putlova. Also Jax makes a promise to Tara and Opie and Lyla get married