WoA S3.13 NS

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NS is all about the love, baby. Jax and Tara morning love. Clay and Gemma morning love. Lila and Opie are getting married.And of course, Agent Stahl laughing as she feels the empty space in the bed next to her. What a psycho.

We get Gemma still trying to save Jax from his deal with Stahl, while Clay seems very non-chalant about everything she’s implying to him.

We get Jimmy O being uncharacteristically clueless right up until the moment he realizes he’s a goner.

Chuckie finally gets some love from the club. And saves the day.

We get a money for Jimmy exchange. Check.

We get a drive-off and give Jimmy to Tara to keep safe in the trunk of her car.


We get an exciting Russians chasing Samcro scene. Check.

Then, wait a minute, we get Stahl finding an empty van. That’s different. Oh, wait, that was just Jax making sure she signed the deal. And he signs his part. And he leads her back to the club house, just like we expected.

And what follows is damn genius. I can’t synopsize it. Sutter takes what appeared to be flaws and holes in this season’s writing and turns them into a giant, chilling, crime-syndicate style con that leaves you satisfied and

disturbed with the club all at the same time. So, watch it multiple times in the coming months, I know I will.