WoA S3.12 June Wedding

Friday, November 26, 2010 0 No tags Permalink 0

This episode should be called Holy Fucking Cow because that’s what I assume everyone said when it was over.

Everybody’s home. People die at Jax’s hand and

Stahl’s hand. Stahl turns out to be an even bigger psychopathic bitch than we ever dreamed. Opie proposes to Lila. Clay and Unser make up. Gemma and Unser make up. Jax and Tara make up. Jacob Hale gets a public relations win. Jimmy O gets some scary face time with some Russians–new bad guy next season? Cause I kinda like him. Jax presumably gives up the real IRA council to Stahl to save his mother. Oops. Tig and Kozak…don’t make up. But they do have some sweet one-on-one time on the swing set. There is a very exciting hostage standoff with some chasey-chasey, Look out for the axe, Jax!, and some pretty gratifying stabby-stabby. But at the end of it all, I found myself loving the tender moment with Tara and Abel, shocked as hell by everything to do with Stahl, and wondering what the hell Chuckie is ordering in paper boxes and if it’s going to help or hurt the club in the long run. Seems like everyone is lining up against SAMCRO, thanks to Jax, who’s trying to save them. Can he, or will it all backfire?