WoA S3.11 Bainne

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In an episode that begins and ends with Jax on the phone, we see women and priests taking care of business and getting things done. We always knew that Gemma trained Tara well, but she proves it again, as Margaret says “handling this well” by making a weapon and cutting a bitch. While she negotiates her boss’s freedom, she ends up failing to keep her hippocratic oath and gets herself in an even scarier situation with Salazar.Who by the way, the Scooby gang and Stahl with her keystone cops could have nabbed if they hadn’t been busy losing the ransom money to and then chasing a kid on a bicycle.

Gotta hand it to Stahl, tho, she’s trying to take care of business, even lying–or is she?–to her partner/lover about her deal with Jax and why they are involved with the club’s plan to free Tara secretly. With the whole Salazar thing comes the sad news that Lumpy has died, and Unser and the gang work out a plan to catch and expose Hale over a bottle of bottom-shelf scotch.

Meanwhile, back in Dublin, Jax & Trinity kiss and make up, as brother and sister this time. They head to the orphanage with orders for Gemma not to kill anyone. While she doesn’t kill anyone, she does take care of business both with the nuns, and with Jax later on when he tries to tell her he’s “given Abel up” after a musical interlude in a mall that includes a lot of stalking and the homeless girl

Instead of holding a gun to a baby’s head with Jax, tho, Gemma breaks her promise to Tara and let’s the other baby out of the bag. Abel’s new parents get killed by Jimmy O, who uses the boy to deal his way out of the country.

The priest gives himself up to save Abel. Awww. And Jax, who goes thru some weird f’d up emotions in this episode, promises his son, “I’ll never let anyone take you from me again.” Awww. Mo decides to stir the fire by adding JT’s old letters to the luggage, and everyone is happy to be going home until Jax gets a phone call from Tig. Reaper logo out.

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