WoA S3.09 Tura

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We ain’t in Charming anymore as things get real, and everybody is out for blood.

Those bastards are dead!

We ain’t in Charming anymore as things get real, and everybody is out for blood. Jax’s suspicions of Liam are confirmed while McGee has second thoughts about going through with the plan to kill his SAMCRO brothers. Tensions explode (ha-ha, get it?) and body parts fly as the attempts to extinguish SAMCRO backfires. Gemma probably wants Kellan dead, and definitely wants Jimmy dead. Don’t mess with Fiona or you might end up dead, or at least cooter-punched. Jimmy wants SAMCRO dead, SAMCRO wants Jimmy dead, Tig and Kozik want each other dead, Salazar wants Tara dead in lieu of Jax, Eliot wants to kill Hale for his little dramatic interlude in the restaurant, Hale wants to crawl into a hole and die after he realizes getting into bed with Salazar is going to be the death of him. Hopefully we find out what’s with Margaret’s tattoos before she dies. Those bastards are definitely dead, and we’re not talkin’ about murdering a shite.

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