WoA S3.08 Lochan Mor

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Belfast isn’t what they seem as the boys arrive to chaos. Things aren’t smooth at home either as Tara and Lyla make serious decisions about the future. Tig and Kozik play ‘my dick is bigger than yours’ since no one is really home to keep them in line. Chibs gets his girls back, and if you say you didn’t at least tear up at this, you’re lying. The prospect confirms our suspicions of being a giant pussy. Speaking of va-jay-jay, Gemma and Mo pay little attention to the horrifyingly incestuous flirting between Jax and Trinity, just to keep their secrets buried. Evil forces are at work in both Charming and Belfast, with Hale desperate to sell off Charming, at any cost, and Jimmy O and Kellan Ashby use their power for evil making this the biggest clusterfuck in progress yet. Trinity puts at least two cigarettes out during the episode, from people who’ve passed out while smoking, could be a foreshadowing that some major things or people are about to be extinguished.

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