WoA S3.07 Widening Gyre

Thursday, October 21, 2010 0 No tags Permalink 0

Tara is slapped with reality while Lyla gets a little slap happy with Opie and Ima; The Bastard/Samcro/Mayan love triangle quickly turns sour, but that’s nothing a little blood can’t stitch up. It’s smack in the face for the bullshit CL MC. Unser realizes his recent decisions could get him bitch-slapped by the whole of the club; Gemma gets news that knocks the air out of her. SAMBELL is bound to die bloody when the SAMCRO boys find out they’re under Jimmy’s thumb.  Margaret gets pseudo-revenge on Tara with a necessary slap and the boys make it to the cargo jet by the skin of their teeth, sparing themselves of  what could have been more than a wrist slap from Eliot.

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