WoA S1.13 The Revelator

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In the wake of a tragedy, the club must re-evaluate its bonds of brotherhood.

This week we are joined by Melissa from the Girl of Mayhem podcast.

You a fan of Rippin-Kitten’s Facebook page yet, no, well click here and go become one already. After that head on over to her blog and have a read.

Season Three Promo.

Have you seen it yet? Better yet do you want to get a in-depth recap of the 60 second promo..of course you do, head on over to Small Towns, Small Screensalready.

Patmos the name on the mausoleum Jax is sleeping at.

San Diego Comic Con

Sons of Anarchy Panel at Comic Con Should link to all the panels on YouTube in case more have gone up.

Katey Sagal interview on Buzzfocus

Charlie Hunnam interview on Buzzfocus

Recorded July 29, 2010