WoA Chicago Meetup 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014 0 No tags Permalink 0

Hey there everyone, just got back from our meet up in Chicago and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who traveled to the city and came out for the live broadcast. Since it was a live broadcast there were a few minor technical difficulties, even had one voice mail that got overlooked but we are going to record a separate cast for that on next week.  Anyhow have a listen to more than just Brad, Tracy and Cort talking about the show.

We want to hear your thoughts on the show so drop us a voice mail by calling 707-726-2709 or use the new voice recording link on the right side of your screen to record from your computer. You can also send an email to tracywoa at gmail.com. Same with voicemails, three minute limit on those, the machine will cut you off. Don’t make me send any of Otto’s old friends to visit you in the morning.

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