WoA 6.11 Aon Rud Persanta

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Apparently Tara’s still a mite bitter over Fox cancelling Mob Doctor and Clay’s long list of crimes against the club and her family. Gemma’s conflicted and intent on taking over Tara’s Mommy duties as soon as possible. Jax makes good on his deal with Patterson just not in the way any of us saw coming. Well Clay figured it out pretty quickly and he was ready when Mr. Mayhem finally came for him. Nero’s all about trying to get his adopted family back together, but that doesn’t include making things truly official with Black Widow, Gemma Teller Morrow…sorry mama…no Padilla for you. Unser declares his love and gives yet another epic monologue. Jax makes Connor an offer he can’t refuse and lots of other insane shit goes down and it is beautiful.

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