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Tons of goodies on this podcast folks. It runs longer than most but hey we had a ton of good stuff for you to listen to including messages from three cast members.

Clay cleans out the safe and acts all secretive after PROMISING Gemma he wouldn’t hurt Tara. Hours later, somebody goes after Tara & Gemma calls bullshit. Piney’s getting riper by the minute. Jax & Tara head out of Charming for Tara’s conference and a taste of normal. It’s wonderful and filled with singing, sunshine and imaginary rainbows. Then Jax sees our resident homeless chick and the shit hits the fan. Life-altering shit that will cause a ripple effecting all our SAMCRO loves. Gemma confronts Clay and the final line we didn’t even see gets demolished.

Tracy with Theo and Kim at Cyclefest in Indianapolis


 Here is the link to the Big Bad Morning Show on iTunes that had the interview with Kim Coates. You’ll want to pick the 11/10 episode and its the last 20 minutes.

Next podcast will be on Saturday, November 19 at 6:30 CST.

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  • Entropia

    I don’t get it. Went on iTunes and all I could listen to was 2:52 minutes. W-w-where can I find the interview with Kim? *scratches blonde hair* :D