Watchers of Anarchy Live Podcast Recording Friday 12/19 7:30 CST

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This is it, the final recording of Watchers of Anarchy. Come on out and join in the live recording this Friday. On this final podcast we will be touching a little bit on each season of Sons. We will be hitting some high points and low points of each season.

So you know what that means…this is your last time to get something into us. Now, since this is the last time let’s hear your comments on each season. This means you can call in multiple times say if you wanted to say a few things about season 1, then season 3, then say season 4 as an example. After we talk a little bit about the season we will play any corresponding voice mail that goes along with that season. When you call in though state what season you are calling in for so I know when to play it. For example. “Hey, this is Homeless Girl. Just calling in to talk a little about being homeless in season 2.” That make sense to you? Good. I won’t have time to go in and split your voicemails apart into separate seasons if you call in and talk about them in one voicemail. Doing this on a Friday and I work up until a few hours before we record. If you just want to call in and say how you have like the podcast or the tv show go for it, I will just be holding those until after we do the series review. Same go with those who want to send in a email, just don’t go crazy and write something insanely long.

Speaking of working, try and get your voicemails in by Thursday so I have time to put them all together. Drop us a voice mail by calling 707-726-2709 or use the voice recording link on the right side of your screen to record from your computer when you are at the website. You can also send an email to tracywoa at

This is the last time so if you have never called in before it’s now or never.


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