Watchers of Anarchy Live Podcast Recording Saturday 12/14 7:30 CST

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The season finale has aired and the blood is still fresh upon the floor. So many things happened this episode each building up each other until the lies final demand attention. Karma is a bitch.

This is the final podcast for 2013, we will have a review of the season in January.

This Saturday Brad, Tracy and Courtney will be going of the season finale and there is a bunch to talk about. We’ll get some feedback in Dopey’s Outlaw’s Outtake segment along with any listener voice mails we received. We will be recording the podcast live on Saturday so come listen and jump into the chat room to talk with all the other Watchers during the recording as well.

We want to hear your thoughts on the show so drop us a voice mail by calling 707-726-2709 or use the new voice recording link on the right side of your screen to record from your computer. If you call in don’t forget to give your ‘Jesus Christ’ for Brad to use on the compilation at the end of the season.

You can also send an email to tracywoa at If you send in email keep it brief, have a lot to talk about so a super long email might get cut down to one paragraph. Same with voicemails, three minute limit on those, the machine will cut you off. Don’t make me send any of Otto’s old friends to visit you in the morning.

If you are seeing this on Saturday then hit the play button in the middle of the screen to start the live broadcast.

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