Watchers of Anarchy Live Podcast Recording Saturday 10/25 7:30 CST

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Episode 7 is over, Juice is in prison to take out Lin, Bobby isn’t seeing that well, and no one on the show has a clue who the rat is no matter how much we yell at the tv.  You know what that means…quite a few things to talk about this week.

This Saturday we will have the next podcast of the season. Like all the years before we will be doing this show live so you can join in with us on the chatroom and listen to our recording of the show.

However Watchers of Anarchy just isn’t about hearing Brad, Tracy and Courtney’s views on the show, no we want to hear what you thought of the episode as well. Drop us a voice mail by calling 707-726-2709 or use the new voice recording link on the right side of your screen to record from your computer. There are limits to the amount of time you can record for so get your point out.  You can also send an email to tracywoa at but try to keep those from getting to lengthy or else we might have to edit. Thing is, let’s hear what you have to say. This is the last year for the podcast so we want you to join us in the fun.


If you are seeing this on Saturday then hit the play button in the middle of the screen to start the live broadcast.

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Click on the WOA Chat icon on the right side of the page to join us in the chatroom.