Live Podcast Saturday 12/17 @ 6:30CST

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The podcast season finale will be recorded live on Saturday 12/17 at 6:30PM CST! We want to here your thoughts on the season overall and what you are looking forward to next season. If you have a prediction of what we might see next season let us know that as well. Leave us a voicemail or text at 707-726-2709 and we’ll play it on the show. You can also email TracyWoA at with your thoughts as well.

The drawing for Corts contest will be held as well since nobody died on the last episode and everyone figured someone would die. We’ll be going over some ideas for the off season also and maybe talk about a project that has been started.

If you want to listen in to the podcast as we record live and join in on the chatroom then head on back here. You can get to the chatroom by clicking the WOA Church link on the right.

To listen to the live recording go to This will open a page where you can watch Brad…yep tons of fun..and hear Tracy and Courtney as well. Use the chat WOA Church chat on the Watchers site to interact with everyone. The reason why we don’t use the chat in the Livestream room is simply because Tracy and Courtney can’t see it without the audio getting all screwed up.