Countdown To SoA, Live Podcast Saturday 7:30CST

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Click the WoA Chat icon for the chatroom,





Then here for the Livestream.  Still working out the links on the site to open up separate windows.


The countdown to Sons of Anarchy has started. It is September, the magic month where we all head back to Charming so it is time for a podcast!

Join us on Saturday, 9/1 at 7:30CST for the live recording. Simply click on WoA Chat icon on the top right for the chat room and then on the On Air next to it to watch and listen. If you get here early and it still says “off air” the link will still work. Also note that you might or might not get a pointer on those links depending on your browser, click anyhow and it will work. I’ll fix that before the premier :)

If you haven’t yet drop us a voice mail at 707-726-2709 or send an email to TracyWOA [at] with your thoughts, hopes and death count for this upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy.