Chapter 1 – From the Beginning

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A/N I wrote the original chapter 1 quite a long time ago. After reading through now that I’m a few chapters in I realized that I needed to make it more grammatically correct. I didn’t change the story line just changed perspectives and made it a little bit easier to follow. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my story. I appreciate it! Enjoy my little slice of Charming!

I don’t own any of the characters or places in this story, Kurt Sutter’s genius mind does. The only thing I own are Jax and Tara as teenagers. KS laid the foundation and I went back from there. Never any copy right intended.

Jax Teller, just that name is enough to make me smile. I mean he is the hottest guy, in my opinion, at Charming High School. Too bad he doesn’t even know I exist. Donna, my best friend and I are eating lunch when Jax and his best friend Opie walk by, man I could watch him walk away all day. Jax has this swagger about him, this confidence when he walks. There’s just something about his walk that just makes people take notice of him. Donna thinks I should say something to Jax, but what? I mean I don’t know the guy. I just think he’s hot. I mean if we are meant to talk then it will happen. Donna continues to tell me all the reasons why I should “bump” into Jax Teller and get him to talk to me. I suddenly have to shush her because Jax and Opie are walking back to their lunch table and I don’t want them over hearing us talk about them. As luck would have it just as Jax is walking by his apple rolls off his lunch try and lands on the table in front of us. No way! I go to pick up the apple at the same time as Jax and our heads hit. Great going, I think to myself! So not the way to get a guy like Jax Teller to notice you! I look down and murmur an apology to Jax thinking what an ass I’ve made of myself when he just starts laughing and says it’s alright. Donna is now staring at me.

“What?” I ask her

Donna chuckles and says that now I’ve got an opening for a reason to talk to Jax if for nothing more than to just laugh and tell him again how sorry you are for bumping heads. I just look at her and wonder if I’ve got enough guts to walk up to him and act like he’d want to talk to me.

Just as Donna finishes telling me this I notice that Opie is looking back our way. He’s totally checking her out!

“Donna, Opie is totally looking at you!” I tell her

Donna thinks I’m crazy, waves her hand at me as if to say whatever and tells me that guys like Opie and Jax don’t want girls like us.

The lunch bell rings and it’s time to head off to Chemistry, Math and English. As I’m walking to class I wonder if fate has indeed stepped in and if I’ll get another chance to talk to Jax.

Later that night as I’m sitting down to finish my homework my cell phone beeps from a number I don’t recognize. I read the message,

“What ya doing darling?”

Who the hell is this I think to myself. I don’t remember having given anyone my number lately so I’m honestly kind of confused. I think it’s probably a wrong number and continue to work on my homework. About 5 minutes later my phone beeps again with another message. I look at this screen and it says

“This is Jax.”

What! No fucking way! How did Jax get my number? I type back to him asking him what’s up. I’m really wondering what he wants. Another minute goes by and my phone beeps yet again.

“How would you and Donna like to hang with Op and I tomorrow night.”

Oh my god! He didn’t just ask me out did he? My heart is racing as I reply

“Um what do you have in mind?”

Next thing I know the phone rings and I hear “Hey Darlin, it’s easier to talk then write everything out. Me and Op thought you and Donna might like to go out for Burgers.” Seriously, he’s being serious? Never in a million years. I am pretty much in shock. I hear myself tell him that it sounds like fun and since Donna and I already had plans that I’m pretty sure she won’t mind going out for burgers either. He laughs, tells me he’ll talk to me tomorrow and hangs up! I can’t help smiling from ear to ear. I have a feeling though I’m about to walk on the wild side and maybe just for once not being good girl Tara will be fun.