• WoA Chicago Meetup 2014

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    Hey there everyone, just got back from our meet up in Chicago and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who traveled to the city and came out for the live broadcast. Since it was a live broadcast there were a few minor technical difficulties, even had one voice mail that got overlooked but we ...

  • WoA Extra

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    Hey there everyone we have a little extra something for the feed this week. Donielle from The NatterCast, went out to Vegas and met up with our good friend Dopey for a interview. Have a listen and hope you enjoy. Big thanks to Donielle and Dopey for taking the time to share their chat.   Download

  • The Charming Pawse Saga continues

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    Book Two has quite a number of chapters to it.  More adventures of Cat Marshall and Tig Trager parralelling SOA's 2nd Season events.  Also covers some things that didn't get answered in the aired episodes.    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5630637/1/Book-II-Chapter-I-Abilification-to-Small-Tears