• The Charming Pawse Saga

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    Welcome!  Charming Pawse was originally written in 2008 and originally considered a one shot, though ended with the possible continuance of Season 2.  A lot of that depended on the feedback.  Yes, there's been some negative, but the positve convinced me to continue.  It follows canon to a major extent.  It's another side of Tig ...

  • Chapter 1 – From the Beginning

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    A/N I wrote the original chapter 1 quite a long time ago. After reading through now that I'm a few chapters in I realized that I needed to make it more grammatically correct. I didn't change the story line just changed perspectives and made it a little bit easier to follow. Thanks to everyone who ...

  • Fan Fiction

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    Here are a few stories that revolve around Charming written by some of the WoA listeners. If you are interested in sharing your fan fiction through the WoA site leave a comment for Brad and he will get back to you. You can also head over to the Facebook group and drop a message there