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The Charming Pawse Saga

Welcome!  Charming Pawse was originally written in 2008 and originally considered a one shot, though ended with the possible continuance of Season 2.  A lot of that depended on the feedback.  Yes, there’s been some negative, but the positve convinced me to continue.  It follows canon to a major extent.  It’s another side of Tig that we suspect exists, as we’ve seen his devotion to animals and his daughters.  It is unabashedly ‘Mary Sue’.  The image is drawn by Kim Sisk, a major Tig fan, who allowed me to beta edit her own fanfic.  Hope all y’all enjoy! Just click on the link and it’ll take all y’all to the story.

Purrs and whisker kisses,


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Chapter 1 – From the Beginning

A/N I wrote the original chapter 1 quite a long time ago. After reading through now that I’m a few chapters in I realized that I needed to make it more grammatically correct. I didn’t change the story line just changed perspectives and made it a little bit easier to follow. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my story. I appreciate it! Enjoy my little slice of Charming!

I don’t own any of the characters or places in this story, Kurt Sutter’s genius mind does. The only thing I own are Jax and Tara as teenagers. KS laid the foundation and I went back from there. Never any copy right intended. Continue reading »

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Fan Fiction

Here are a few stories that revolve around Charming written by some of the WoA listeners.

If you are interested in sharing your fan fiction through the WoA site leave a comment for Brad and he will get back to you. You can also head over to the Facebook group and drop a message there

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