The Watchers of Anarchy started in September of 2009. With Brad, Tracy and Laura. We started the podcast because after watching the first season it became apparent nobody was podcasting about the show. With the start of Season 2 we started the weekly podcast.

Things were rough at the start as we tried to figure out a few things. Sound wasn’t all that great at that time. In fact someone posted a iTunes review saying something along the lines of our show being the worst podcast in history. We didn’t pay that much attention to that comment.Things got better throughout that season and we grew. The podcast gathered some fans and received voice-mail from the cast…even the man himself left a message. We also managed to win over the gentleman that was so willing to be honest in his initial review and now consider him a great friend… you know who you are Casey, LOL.

During the 2010 offseason we covered each episode of Season 1. Also during this time Brad fine tuned the sound equipment and things in general started sounding better.

For Season 3 we changed up the format a little. It was awkward at first but after a few shows things started flowing better. There had been quite a bit of interest in hearing the show as we recorded it so Brad figured this out and now we podcast every show. Basically what you hear on the podcast is exactly how it sounds when we record. Church was introduced with this as well allowing anyone who wanted to listen to join in through the chatroom while we record. Church has been a ton of fun with the live recordings having some interesting pre and post show talk.

Also in 2010 FX sent us a cease and desist order. Brad had upgraded the podcast hosting service which came with a iphone app that went live without our knowledge. The app didn’t do anything but download the podcast however someone asked Kurt about this “new” app and can imagine what happened. This happened before their iphone app had gone live so…without anyone checking anything we got slammed by the FX Legal department. Once they found out we just podcasted and didn’t stream the show like someone had told Kurt even though nobody actually checked, they said sorry. Really hope that doesn’t happen again this year.

One of the other cool things that happened during season 3 has to do with our opening band, Preacher Stone. Episode 3 “Caregiver” aired their song “Not Today” during the show. It was in the background but really cool. Once you hear the song clearly you can see how easily this song could fit in with the show.

During the off season of 2011 we covered some movies the cast has been in and a few episodes. We didn’t have all that many episodes though.

In the summer of 2011 Laura let us know that she was going to hand in her cut. We really miss her but totally understood. We asked Courtney if she was interested in filling the spot and she was thrilled.

Since that time we have grown as a podcast and the family of listeners has grown with us as well. AS we embark on this final season of SoA we do so happily. It has been a long ride and we have heard from people all over the world, gaining friendships and talking with many of the listeners on a regular basis even in the off season. We have added new sections to the podcast, Outlaws Outtakes with Dopey has been widely popular and everyone is always looking to get his outlook on the latest episode.  Our Facebook group, Watchers of Anarchy, has a huge amount of subscribers and there is always something new being posted there. In August we are have a meetup in Chicago that everyone is invited to and we will be live podcasting from there as well.

In the end we have fun doing the podcast and hope you enjoy listening to it as well.